Intellectual Property

Fluxcell, Inc. is built around the Flux Capacitor Solar Cell.  A key to the Company’s distribution strategy is energy Intellectual Property development and licensing.  Intellectual Property consists of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.  Intellectual Property is the life force of many big global companies and without them those companies would not be as profitable or market dominant.  By being focused mainly on intellectual property and information systems and licensing out the physical parts like manufacturing, distribution, retail and marketing and installation, Fluxcell is structured to be able to operate with the lowest possible overhead and highest profits margins. 

Investors can view one of Fluxcell’s intellectual property by searching “Flux Capacitor Solar Cell Module” on the web.

Fluxcell, Inc. 2014-2017
Coalesce Point-Trust 2007-2017

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