Licenses for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retail/Marketers and Installers

Except for raw materials and some key components, all manufacturing and assembly facilities will be located in the U.S.  Fluxcell’s intellectual property allows the price of energy to be controlled so that a generous profit can be generated while at the same time supporting an American wage and still bring energy costs below the 12 cents per kilowatt-hour average.  In addition to manufacturing revenue for module costs, each manufacturer receives 4% of the electricity revenue that flows through the modules that they produce.

All complete Fluxcell modules and Electron Capacitor Reactor energy storage units built by manufacturers move through licensed Distributors.  These Distributors can be located any where in the world and provide module storage, module return and limited module refurbishment services.  From the distributor the modules are acquired by the retailer/marketers.  Distributors generate their revenue from a percentage of the manufacturing price from each manufacturer’s module that they carry after they are shipped to retailer/marketers.  Each distributor receives 4% of the electricity revenue that flows through the modules that they supply to retailer/marketers.

Retailer/Marketers are the companies that obtain contracts from end energy users, i.e. homeowners, business owners.  Retailer/Marketers are broken up in areas of residential, commercial, industrial, military, marine, agriculture, space, etc. sectors.  In the U.S. the residential retailer/marketing service areas are formed by zip code boundaries.  Retailer/Marketers control the top rate of the price of energy and choose or help choose the installers, distributors and manufacturers of a module that will be installed.  Retailer/Marketers will be globally positioned.  Each retailer/marketer receives 4% of the base rate and 40% of the top rate of the energy revenue generated from the modules that they install.

Installers licensed and trained to install the Fluxcell will be utilized.  Retailer/Marketers will choose from the list of authorized installers.  Retailer/Marketers will be globally positioned.  Installers are paid by the Fluxcell securitization system and is factored into the manufacturing costs.

Fluxcell, Inc. is an energy systems corporation.  Formed around the Flux Capacitor Solar Cell aka the Fluxcell, Fluxcell, Inc.'s operational model is in acting as a central systems and licensing hub between manufacturers, distributors, retailer/marketers, servicers and energy users.  Fluxcell, Inc. also acts as a hub between its energy market bond buyers and kilowatt hour code short and long term investors/purchasers.  The Fluxcell combined with an energy storage means such as hydrogen fuel cells, compressed air, flywheel or battery storage allows 24 hours of off the grid power for homes, businesses, transportation, farming, space, etc. at a lower cost with greater reliability.  The Fluxcell power pole sits just a few feet from the house or building.  Also the Electron Capacitor Reactor technology in the Fluxcell will also be used in electron storage for nighttime power and electric cars.

For more information you may contact Fluxcell at 404-424-4979 or info at fluxcell.com


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