Investor Benefits

1.  Fluxcell technology is derived from an overlooked solution that is able to exceed all 12 energy sources in the areas of cleanliness, power density, size/portability, energy source abundance and lower price energy.

2.  Electric energy use will be continuous for life on earth.  Because of the abundance of energy from the Sun solar energy is the primary future energy source of the world.  In reality the Fluxcell is a nuclear energy device because it takes the radiation (light) from the sun which is a nuclear engine and produces electricity.

3.  There are over 7 billion people on earth (and growing) with a large percentage without reliable and affordable energy supplies.  The Fluxcell can be installed at no charge to American homeowner’s while at the same time lowering their monthly electric costs.

4.  Today’s solar cells can only convert 16 watts of sunlight per square foot into electricity with an economical upper limit of about 22 watts per square foot.  This means that today’s solar cells are unsustainable without government subsidies and are not a long term profitable business model.  The Fluxcell can convert over 3,000 watts per square foot and even more with an active cooling system.  No taxpayer dollars are needed and profit does not rely upon manufacturing volume to lower costs.  This reinforces Fluxcell’s licensing model.

5.  The stock price is 10 cents a share with a short term target of $5 per share.  This represents a 50x return on your investment.  The 1 to 3 year target is $200 per share which represents a 2,000x return on your investment.  The stock will not remain at 10 cents per share forever and there is a limited amount of stock available for purchase.  No one should count on the increments going from 10 to 15 to 20 cents and so one because the listing target is $5 and can be established as the lowest selling price.

6.  It is quicker to get a 100% return from a stock going from 10 cents to 20 cents than from a stock going from $20 to $40 or $100 to $200.  At just 10% APY it takes 15 years to get a 100% return when inflation, fund fees and capital gains taxes are factored in. (And this is at a guaranteed 10% APY every year which in general not likely to happen)

7.  Environmental pollution, CO2 warming, disease, malnutrition, lack of proper education, proper shelter, proper sanitation and wars all have their roots in a lack of energy.

8.  The world is at the midpoint of peak energy which some experts say started in 2005 and some say will start in 2020.  After this the rate of production will steadily fall causing the price of energy to steadily rise.

9.  This investment can serve as a hedge against any national or global economic situation that arises.  Its better than gold.

10.  Greatest opportunity to retire comfortably and relatively quickly.  Even a $1000 investment can add $1 million to one’s coffers at a future potential price of $100 per share.  Larger investments like $10,000 can get you to $1 million at $10 per share.

Fluxcell, Inc. 2014-2017
Coalesce Point-Trust 2007-2017

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