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Before you consider signing that 25 year contract for solar panels on your home, consider the Fluxcell.  With 0 to 3 year contracts and zero dollar installation options the benefits are just beginning.  Fluxcell’s American engineered and American manufactured solar and electron storage modules can give home and business owners 24 hours of reliable grid free power.  For starters, owners can get a 5 to 15% discount from their current energy bill.  This means that you can save anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 or more per year.  The real savings come from the future.  Due to inflation all costs must rise but energy costs typically rise higher than inflation.  Fluxcell energy kilowatt hour costs are more or less inflation linked.  This means that owners will have greater savings over time.



Feature Comparison

Whether you wish to power a single home, a small business or a large facility, the Fluxcell can beat out today’s solar power in every beneficial category.




power output

10,000 watts
Avg. home runs on 4,000

up to 3,000 watts  (limited by roof area)


1 square foot

333 square feet (10’ x 33’)


on pole in yard

on roof (structural required)

contract term

0 to 3 years (can be released)

25 years when financed or Power Purchase Agreement (harder to sell home) end up paying 2x to 3x more.

upfront payment



return on investment

5 to 15% discount from current monthly bill.

15 to 20 years (if paid with cash)


beautiful lamp look, glow light at night

covers roof, spot areas, doesn’t match traditional roof look, expensive shingles covered

HOA acceptability

virtually guaranteed

depends on subdivision (many don’t allow them)


none (has automatic wiper & air burst for anytime self cleaning)

regularly, leaves & dust = 10 to 20% output reduction

sunlight capturing time

8+ hours per day, captures rising & setting sun at perpendicular position

4.5 hours per day, intensity varies throughout day becuase of fixed angle

house (roof angle) to sun


fixed with roof (less sun)

sunlight intensity (angle)


50 to 70%

inverter replacement


$1,200+ every 6 years

power reduction


if a few cells are shaded

power depreciation


1% per year


module replaced at no charge without being home

ongoing costs


efficient use of materials

more materials, more waste (10% cell breakage at factory) much water

snow elimination

heats up to melt snow

none(loose days of electricity)

power loss due to sun’s heat

none, Electron Capacitor Reactor Technology, active cooling system

yes, more heat = more loss after 90 degrees F. 10 to 25% power loss

nightime power

yes, Electron Capacitor Reactor Technology

$15,000+. batteries(must be replaced every 4 to 6 years)

Questions & Answers

1.  What product will I be installing in my yard?
Fluxcell, Inc. issues licenses to home and business owners to power their property with the Fluxcell and/or the Electron Capacitor Reactors.  The a 20 to 40+ foot pole will be installed in your yard and typically no more than 20 feet from your house or building.

2.  What if I own rental properties can I get units on each property?

3..  How much will it cost to have the energy system installed on my house? 
There will be at least one plan available that allows a $0 down installation.  Typically any installation fees will be linked to the length of the contract and power consumption of the home.  The per kilowatt hour rate factors into this also.  The installation fees if any are minimum.  No contract exceeds 3 years.  At the end of the contract you can choose to resign with the retailer/marketer or choose a new one. 

4.  Will I be fully off the grid and will my subdivision allow it?
You can choose to be off the grid during the day and on the grid at night or 100% off the grid.  It is optimistically calculated that all subdivisions will allow this solar technology to be installed.  The main reason being aesthetics.  Current solar panels are unsightly and can cover an entire roof.  FluxCell technology sits on a single pole and has a footprint of less the 1 square foot.

5.  How will my house be powered at night?
At night your house can be powered by one of several sources.  You can remain connected to the grid.  Or you can utilize hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, flywheel or compressed air.  Fluxcell’s storage unit of choice are the Electron Capacitor Reactors.  With 1 cubic foot you will be able to power a 3000 watt house at full power for 24 hours.

6.  What about gas?
If you wish to be completely off the grid you can change your appliances to electric appliances.  Gas appliances and heating units are considered to be more efficient than electric ones.  Your rates will reflect this electric inefficiency so that your electric rates are equal to the gas rates after which a discount is applied.  Thus if it takes x dollars to heat a house with gas to a given temperature for a given amount of time then your discount will be based on that x dollar figure even though your kilowatt usage rate is higher.

7.  I don’t want an electric stovetop because the heat change is slow and I like the art of the flame, so I am still connected to the gas grid.
There are at least two options.  The first option is a magnetic induction stove.  This stove is electric and uses fluctuating magnetic fields to heat the pan.  The temperature change is immediate and precise and the stove is cool to the touch which is great for a household with children.  The second option is a hydrogen stove.  Currently (natural) gas stoves produce a cooking flame around 2000 degrees (F).  A hydrogen/oxygen torch can produce a flame temperature in excess of 5700 degrees (F).  The temperature is based on the amount of available oxygen.  Since the electrolysis hydrogen energy storage system is producing oxygen anyway it is just a matter of combining the right proportion of oxygen with hydrogen and you will have the cooking flame.  So a hydrogen stove is the solution if you want that flame.

8.  Can I sell electricity back to the utility?
Depending on the buyback price from the utility and the wear and tear on the Fluxcell equipment this may be an option.  Because the equipment is supplied to the homeowner at no or low charge the credit or money paid to the homeowner will be based on use of their property.

9.  Can I get State and Federal rebates and credits?
It is anticipated that these state and federal rebate and energy credit programs will be eliminated in the near future because of today’s number number of growing solar installations.  This will happen because it reduces tax revenues and these programs are only feasible for a small number of homes.  But yes if the programs are available then any recognized clean energy source can receive a government incentive.

10.  When will the FluxCell be ready for market?
The rollout date is mid 2015.  The solar modules will be installed in queue meaning that those who contract first will get first installation rights whether you are a retailer/marketer or an end energy user.  It is possible that this rollout date could be shortened or lengthened.

11.  Will I have to pay for maintenance?
For normal wear and tear, no.

12.  How do I sign up?
You must have your FLuxCell retailer/marketer’s ID in order to buy an end user license.  They will provide you with a purchase code to use.  Please seek out and use the Retailer/Marketer who introduced and/or provided you with the most help with the FluxCell.  They will be grateful.

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