Energy Brokers

Fluxcell welcomes both energy and financial brokers to its coming energy marketplace.  This marketplace is set to be a dynamic marketplace that allows investors from individuals to large funds to buy and sell energy blocks.  As Fluxcell’s strategy is to provide low and zero cost installation services, bonds and funds ranging from a few kilowatt hour blocks to thousands of kilowatt blocks will be available.  These bonds and funds will not necessarily be linked to any particular home or business but will primarily be linked to consumption performance.

How it works.
1.  A solar energy and 24 hour electron storage package will cost approximately $15,000 to manufacture and install.
2.  The average residential utility bill for a home in the Fluxcell system is $175 per month.
3.  The bonds are rated by risk.  Because an electric bill is more likely to be paid than a mortgage bill, electricity investing is low risk.  Thus an APY range between 5% and 10% APY would be typical starting off.
4.  At 5% APY for $15,000 the annual interest payment would be $750 or $62.50 per month.  This would be approximately 36% percent of a $175 monthly utility bill.
5.  This $62.50 monthly payment can be sliced and diced in any number of configurations for just one investor or multiple investors.
6.  They can also be rated in terms of kilowatt-hour consumption in that $175 / $.12 = 1,458 kwh per month.  Thus a bond investor can purchase 100 kwh of energy so 100/1458 = 6.85% x 62.50 = $4.281 yield in 1 year.  So the 5% APY (annual percentage yield) discount purchase price is $4.066 for 100 kwh block or $4.066/100 = $.04 per kwh.

Thus whether a bond investor is investing just a few hundred dollars or millions, a variety of rates and liquidation dates from days to months to years will be made available. 

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